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Amotion Flash Bang


Amotion Flash Bang 


  • Weight 3.25 kg
  • Color Blue

Amotion Flash Bang Hose  not included 


Amotion Flash Bang 

Embrace the innovation that disrupts tradition with the Amotion Flash Bang Hookah. This masterpiece from Amotion is not just a hookah; it’s a statement piece that transforms any session into an extraordinary experience. Following the success of the Roam, the Flash Bang represents a new era of hookah design, redefining what enthusiasts expect from their smoking apparatus.

Constructed with over 30 individual, finely-crafted parts, the Flash Bang stands as one of the most intricate and sophisticated hookahs available. The design draws inspiration from the futuristic aesthetic of a flashbang grenade, ensuring that it stands out with its unparalleled design and functionality.

But the Amotion Flash Bang is more than just its looks. Its unique blow-off system is engineered to mimic the explosive discharge of a grenade, offering a visual spectacle unlike any other. This is not just a hookah—it’s a conversation starter, a centerpiece that demands attention and admiration.

The build quality is exceptional, employing materials like stainless steel, POM, polycarbonate, aluminum, glass, and ABS to achieve a smooth smoking behavior with a direct draw and an effortlessly loose pull. Standing at 40cm tall without the bowl, it’s a compact powerhouse of performance and style.

The clear glass base is meticulously crafted, and while small air inclusions might be present due to its handmade nature, they are part of what makes each Flash Bang hookah unique. With a wide 15.8cm charcoal plate and a diverse range of components included, this hookah promises ease of use, versatility, and most importantly, an exceptional smoking session.

Prepare to be captivated by the Amotion Flash Bang—a hookah that doesn’t just perform but revolutionizes the very essence of smoking with style and sophistication.


Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 30 × 22 × 23 cm
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