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Caesar Q & D – Angel – 620 Stainless steel-Blue


Model: 5 Star

  • Height:  21.7 (Inch)
  • Hose length:  63 (Inch)
  • Volume: 2 (L)
  • Mesh
  • Flask material:  Glass
  • Shaft material: Aluminum
  • Bowl material: Clay
  • Bowl type: External
  • Connection type: Click system
  • Condition: New
  • Colour: RED & BLUE

Complete set: Glass base, Down stem, Base Stem, Hose silicone, Handle, Ceramic Bowl, Tray and tongs for coal.

 Q & D – Angel – 620 – hookah from the famous German company Caesar, Q & D – Angel – 620 Hookah is a budget line of hookahs from Caesar, i.e. the inner shaft is made of food grade aluminum, which requires proper care – rinse and clean with a brush after each smoking session. The shaft and the bulb are connected on a click – it is enough to make a half turn. All parts are untwisted. This allows you to compactly store and transport the hookah. There is a diffuser at the end of the shaft, which makes traction easier and reduces the noise from hookah smoking.

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Hookah Q & D – Angel – 620 Caesar  Germany brand

Weight 2.7 kg
Dimensions 20 × 23 × 27 cm
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