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Hookah Pistol Pink Luxury


Model: Pistol Pink Luxury

  • Height:  20 (Inch)
  • Hose length:  63 (Inch)
  • Volume: 2.0 (L)
  • Flask material:  Glass
  • Bowl material: Ceramic
  • Condition: New

Complete set: Glass base, Down stem, Base Stem, Hose silicone, Handle, ceramic Bowl, Tray and tong for coal.

Pistol Hookah by Pistol Luxury Hookah is one of the most original hookahs in our gun line. its all metal stem distinguishes it from all knock offs on the market.

Why the Pistol Hookah is unique:

  • The unique design makes it a nice piece to show off
  • It smokes like a breeze. It has been made to ensure that every puff that you take feels divine.
  • This can act as an ideal gift for a pal who loves smoking. It ensures that they get an amazing smoking experience.
  • It is a perfect way to spend a weekend with family and friends as you enjoy satisfying moments of pleasure with every puff.


Weight 4.5 kg
Dimensions 26 × 26 × 68 cm
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