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Tanya -50 G

PASSION FRUIT Passion fruit, which is a tropical fruit, is also known as the love fruit. We have specially formulated this exotic flavor for you, reminiscent of the taste of sour plum and sweet fig. DISCOVER your favorite seductive hookah flavors of your dreams!
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TANYA HERBAL HOOKAH MOLASSES, aims to make the hookah culture in the world completely harmless and has taken firm steps towards achieving this goal and made the hookah molasses ready for its users.

Our products are completely different from the synthetic tobacco and flavors used in the production of hookah tobacco as they do not contain carcinogenic substances such as TOBACCO, NICOTINE, TAR, ARSENIC, CHROME, LEAD etc. and are produced only from natural fruits, and appeal to both the national and international hookah market.

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Dimensions 7 × 10 × 10 cm
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